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Sophie Skytte Langkjær


I have always been a movement person; loving all kinds of different ways to discover, explore, use and move my body.

Movement and being physical with my body has been a way for me to learn and understand better. It can be a healing practice that supports us when we go through challenging times in life. I'm here with a wish to hold space and guide you,
exploring your way through life, feeling more connected and comfortable in your own beautiful skin.
Finding your way home ♡

“Yoga does not ask you to be more than you are.
But it does ask you to be all that you are” 
Bryan Kest

Yoga has been my entrance into a more soft and nourishing way to use movement,
not to punish or push the body into a specific form. It's a humbling opportunity t
o understand the body, yourself and who you are.
It's a practise of listening, a space to draw awareness inwards and leave the external world for some time. M
oving from the inside out. 

What I teach and practice on the mat is all related to how I want to live outside of the mat. How we move on the mat reflects how we move in life, physically as well as mentally.



  • 200hr Vinyasa yoga in Brazil w. Find Balance Greenpath Yoga by David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner - RYT


  • 40hr Yin yoga - Fundamental skills in London

       w. Sara Jo - RYT 

  • 300hr Yoga teacher training coursework in history, anatomy, philosophy, methodology and asana in Guatamala w. Kula Collective - RYT


  • 20hr Yin w. Jamie Clark from The Yoga People - RYT

  • 40hr Elemental vinyasa w. Iluma yoga by Faye Baldwin - RYT


  • 25hr Yin and the Chakra w. Jamie Clark from The Yoga People - RYT

  • 50hr Yoga anatomy course w. Peter Hunter


  •  25hr Mandala and the Elements w. Dulce from The Yoga People - RYT

  • 50hr 5D coaching w. Ole Vadum Dahl


  • 50hr Rocket vinyasa w. Steve Pyka from Astayoga RYT

  • 30hr Yin yoga and the five elements w. Miz Deshannon RYT

Besides being a yoga teacher I am also a coach and a nurse. Since 2014 I have been using my nurse education, working with drug addicts. 
I am doing it on a freelance basis, because I feel deeply called to dive more into the world of yoga and coaching, share my passion with you and how yoga helps me through life every single day. I want to inspire and give YOU the opportunity to feel and see what yoga has to offer. 
I love to combine body and mind work, and that is one of the key stones in my way of coaching. Bringing awareness back down into the body and let the body do the talking with guidens and presents. 

All my offerings come directly from my heart, own experiences and a lot of self-work.

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