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1:1 private sessions

These sessions will be designed according to your individual needs and specific requirements, and it's always possible to adjust along the way from session to session. Apart for the physical practice, there will also be room for a more spiritual and therapeutic practice, where I will support you where you are in your life. This can be through talks/coaching, breathwork, meditation/mindfulness etc.


  • 1 session (60 minutes): 800 DKR

  • 3 sessions (3x60 minutes): 2200 DKR

Small group privat sessions

In these sessions you have the opportunity to be a small group, family, friends or colleagues. These sessions will be designed according to what the group together decides will be in focus. 



  • 1 session (60 minutes): 1000 DKR

  • 3 sessions (3x60 minutes): 28000  DKR

Sessions can vary in length if you desire something else. Plus, if we are not able to meet in person, I offer these sessions online as well.

Public classes

I am currently to be find teaching in Cph in these studios:


I am also a part of the amazing team WTAH

you can find vinyasa classes for beginners and intermediate, some power yoga with a more high pace and some sweet surrendering yin. 


Events & company yoga

You can hire me to small or big events. The amount of people participating, let the sky be the limit.

I also teach ceremonies, sports clubs, etc.

Contact me, and let’s have a chat about what your wishes and requirements are.

I teach in Danish and English, so it depends on your needs. 

I’m coaching, guiding and doing all my offerings to a level that I am capable of.

I’m a yoga teacher and a nurse - not a psychologist.


Can't wait to connect with you 👁

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